APR INJECTOR, OEM, INSTALL KIT (Set of 4) 2.0T FSi EA113 -- Audi (Mk2) A3 & TT; Volkswagen (Mk5/Mk6) Golf/R, (Mk3) Scirocco



APR INJECTOR, OEM, INSTALL KIT (Set of 4) 2.0T FSi EA113 -- Audi (Mk2) A3 & TT; Volkswagen (Mk5/Mk6) Golf/R, (Mk3) Scirocco


Install Kit (set of 4)

OEM Bosch 2.0T FSI HDEV Gasoline Direct Injection Injectors

The factory injectors found in the Audi S3, Audi TTS, VW Golf ED30, VW Golf ED35, VW Golf Pirelli, VW Golf R & VW Scirocco R, Seat Leon Cupra & Seat Leon Cupra R K04 based vehicle are the largest Bosch HDEV 1 gasoline direct injection injectors currently available for the VAG 2.0T FSI EA113 engine platform. Capable of supporting over 500 HP in extreme applications, these gasoline direct injection injectors feature the proper spray pattern designed to support reliable operation in all normal conditions.

These injectors are approximately 13% larger than the standard injectors supplied on K03 based vehicles and are required for any APR 2.0T FSI K04 customer sourcing injectors for the kit.

The injectors are sold individually or in sets of four. OEM Injector install kits are also available as it’s not uncommon for the factory install kits to become damaged during removal.

OEM Part Number:
06F 906 036 F

OEM Direct Replacement (Engine Codes):

OEM Compatible Upgrade (Engine Codes):

Please note specific ECU software is required to run these injectors on engines not originally equipped with these injectors. If you have any doubt if these injectors are correct for your vehicle, or any APR turbocharger system, please contact an APR representative.

Injectors and Install Kits

Injector Pricing
Version Part Number Price  
Single Injector Z1001295 $124.99
Four Injectors MS100041 $499.99
Injector Install Kit Pricing
Version Part Number Price  
Single Injector Install Kit Z1001313 $15.99
Four Injector Install Kit MS100043 $79.99

Common Names:

It's not uncommon for these injectors to be called any of the following: K04 Injectors, BT Injectors, Big Turbo Injectors, Stage 3 Injectors, Audi S3 Injectors, TTS Injectors, TT S Injectors, TT-S Injectors, Golf R Injectors, ED30 Injectors, Cupra Injectors, Pirelli Injectors, Cupra R Injectors, ED35 Injectors, x-Box Injectors, Bosch Injectors, FSI Injectors, S3 K04 injectors, Golf R K04 Injectors, 2.0T Injectors, GDI Injectors, Gasoline Direct Injection Injectors, BHZ Injectors, BWJ Injectors, BYD Injectors, BZC Injectors, CDL Injectors, CDM Injectors, CRZ Injectors High Flow FSI Injectors, 2.0T FSI Injectors, 2.0 TFSI Injector, 06F 906 036 F, 06F906036F, 06F-906-036-F