Super Pro Suspension

SuperPro - SPF2577-90K - PENDULUM MOUNT REAR BUSHING-(90A) -- Audi (Mk1) A3 & TT; Volkswagen (Mk4) Golf/GTi/R32, Jetta, Beetle -- FWD & AWD vehicles


Super Pro Suspension

SuperPro - SPF2577-90K - PENDULUM MOUNT REAR BUSHING-(90A) -- Audi (Mk1) A3 & TT; Volkswagen (Mk4) Golf/GTi/R32, Jetta, Beetle -- FWD & AWD vehicles


Product Description

The SuperPro Engine Steady Bushing Kit is an excellent solution for reducing the abrasion and stress that comes with holding the lower half of your engine firmly and safely in place. 

All SuperPro bushings made with premium proprietary polyurethane
Reduced abrasion, temperature resistance and harshness
Lifetime guarantee
Custom engineered in Australia

Lower engine mounts bear much of the brunt associated with keeping your engine free of movement, unwanted vibrations and additional stress. Give your lower engine mounts the best possible accompaniment with SuperPro Engine Bushes, manufactured with SuperPro's advanced PU materials to deliver outstanding reductions in engine harshness and vibrations. SuperPro Engine Bushes are also the leaders in engine protection, helping your engine mounts stay free of abrasion so they can do their job of keeping your engine as safe and secure as possible.

Product Details

If you are looking to add a bit more power to your Volkswagen or you simply desire smoother shifts, these new dog bone mounts from are perfect for you. This dog bone mount insert works with the OEM rubber bushings to provide a better and a more rigid connection between the transmission mount and the subframe. With less movement you will experience smoother shifts and less engine movement under heavy acceleration.

These mounts are incredibly strong, as they are made with 90A Torque Durometer Polyurethane. Durometer is one of several measures of the hardness of a material and judging by the rating of these mounts, you can be sure of their strength and longevity. 

Replacing your dog bone mounts is a rather simple process and one that you can do in your own garage. 

Those that have installed dog bone mounts have reported a very noticeable difference over stock and that the spongy and sloppy shifting feeling is history. Get a tight shifting experience without the slop with our new dog bone mount inserts.


NOTE: Urethane is not as compliant as rubber. As a result, you may notice a slight increase in ride harshness and engine vibration after installation. Not recommended for TDI vehicles.


Whether it’s an individual part  solution, a kit of all the popular suspension bushes for your car or a complete assembly, SuperPro has an extensive range of complete bushing and suspension part kit solutions.  

SuperPro bushing products are formed using our own engineered product designs and are made using a proprietary engineering grade polyurethane formula with unique material properties. SuperPro Polyurethane is a special elastomer based material which gives an extremely durable suspension product boasting the best characteristics of both rubber and plastic.


- “Supaloy” lighter, leaner, high-stress alloy hardware with built in corrosion resistance,

- “DuroBall” metal poly hybrid technology for vertical pivot bushings, a win-win outcome

- “Dynamic Roll Control” solutions – with the SuperPro advantage




Made to connect your steering knuckle and wheel assembly to the rest of your steering system, control arms are vital to, funny enough, controlling your vehicle. Control arm bushings are similarly important. Designed to protect the connections between the control arm and it's mounting points, control arm bushings determine how well your control arm actually performs. OE control arm bushings are commonly made of soft rubber, this rubber is good at reducing NVH, but it doesn't last long. The good news is SuperPro has what you need.


SuperPro crafts all of their control arm bushings with polyurethane, a material much more durable than rubber. Polyurethane bushings, with their increased durability, are commonly associated with increased NVH. SuperPro realized this and has gone to great lengths to offer the best of both worlds. Utilizing polyurethane bushings to enhance performance, and carefully researching designs to minimize NVH, SuperPro has managed to form some of the best bushings available for those looking to enhance their control without affecting ride quality. SuperPro's use of knurling on their bushings is another result of careful research. This knurling allows grease to stay on the bushings for much longer, reducing the amount of maintenance you have to do. If all of that wasn't enough, all of SuperPro's control arm bushings are covered with their lifetime warranty.